Locating our selves and bodies in our work

On the 24th March 2015, my colleagues Julia Daniels, Marek Mackiewicz and Dan Goodley hosted a Theorising Dis/ability seminar at the School of Education, University of Sheffield. It was a brilliant afternoon, packed with lively and thoughtful debate and great presentations. You can access these presentations for free here in film form. I’ve put mine, Theorising Posthuman Vulnerabilities, below. This work built upon themes I have spoken about in a previous post.

Theorising Disability Seminar Poster

Theorising Disability Seminar Poster

In my talk, I wanted to think about the ways in which we (researchers) can be vulnerable within the research that we do, but also sketch out the ways in which vulnerability is quite often a requirement, or necessity within our research. I’m interested in how we can develop/explore vulnerability in affirmative ways: How can vulnerability be harnessed as a research tool? How can vulnerability embody, strengthen, or politicise our work? Can vulnerability be a method? In my talk, I use arts-informed methods – more specifically digital storytelling – to explore these ideas. Have a watch of my film below if you are curious!

To keep up-to-date with disability events happening at the University of Sheffield, please follow our blog here.


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