#ScholarTed and the Academics with Cats Awards 2015

While I typically blog purely about my scholarly work, research and activism, this month is a little different. That’s because – without further ado – the legendary Scholar Ted has won the Academics with Cats Awards 2015!

Scholar Ted

Scholar Ted’s trying to shake off his radical feminist tendencies…

The awards, run by the brilliant Academia Obscura blog, asked academics to tweet pictures of their cats as they “work” alongside them: flopped over the keyboard; laying over books; getting in the way; pawing playfully at studious faces… the list is endless. Check out the #AcademicsWithCats hashtag to see the brilliance. Entrants were shortlisted and after a nervous wait, winners were announced just before Christmas. Scholar Ted won Best in Show (1st Place) and also Best Writing…

Scholar Ted

Scholar Ted loves how posthuman politics contest the anthropocentrism of life.

Scholar Ted, who lives through the perils of academia with me, usually on my desk, has been a scholar for some time – the awards merely offered a chance to show his scholarly self in action. Scholar Ted is the scholar I would love to be: he is confident; he knows his worth; he is openly critical of the dis/ableist neoliberal academy, venting without fear; and simply refuses to work the obligatory 60 hours a week. Instead, he chooses self-care: napping up to 14 hours a day, putting himself first, and only crying for another pouch of Felix As Good As It Looks (other reputable cat foods are available…) In short, he’s a bit of a legend. He also sits on my desk everyday, meaning he’s a great collaborator. He has now been featured in the Guardian and The Times… Checkout our #ScholarTed on Twitter, and send Ted a tweet if you’d like. He has a growing fan base and would like to get to know you.

Scholar Ted

Hmm… So it’s Dis/Ability now…

Finally, a MASSIVE THANK YOU to Academia Obscura and to everyone who voted for Ted; he’ll be taking up his new role as Mice Chancellor in the next academic year.



Scholar Ted


Scholar Ted Scholar Ted Scholar Ted Scholar Ted


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