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I have taught inter/nationally for a number of years within Critical Disability Studies, Women and Gender Studies, Sociology, and Education. All of my teaching, where possible, is research-led. To me, this involves bringing the real life stories, power and politics of the stories and data collected as part of inquiry into the classroom to benefit students’ learning. Furthermore, it means positioning students themselves at the centre of inquiry as researchers in their own right. Through interactive teaching and innovative forms of assessment, I relish encouraging students to engage in the social world on their own terms for the benefit of their studies; relating the experiences of and within their own lives and lived experiences to the theory and politics of sociology; and nurturing them to explore and critique the dominant ideas, assumptions and power relationships inherent to a globalised world led by neoliberal, neo-colonial and capitalist imperatives. Drawing upon students’ own citizenship and identities, we collaboratively unpack and explore gender, race, class and disability across social, cultural, political and economic contexts. Critically, such innovative approaches to teaching and learning embody the pedagogical politics of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

My pedagogical politics acknowledge that everyone learns differently, and that part of my role as an educator is to provide a safe, accessible, and inclusive learning environment conducive to basic principles of Universal Design for Learning and in-line with anti-oppressive space-making.


I am currently supervising PhD and EdD students in the School of Education, University of Sheffield. I welcome doctoral students across a number of social science disciplines who wish to undertake research in the areas of disability, education, gender, sexuality and childhood and youth.

Completed doctoral Students:

Antonios Ktenidis (2020) ‘Short’ Stories of Young People with Restricted Growth of Their Schooling Experiences (Secondary Education) in the United Kingdom

Kholood Aljaser (2020) School Leaders’ Perceptions, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, of Differing Intellectual Abilities in the context of Inclusive School Culture: Transformational Leadership Theory in Disability Studies

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