Teaching and Supervision

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I relish teaching, having taught Sociology, Critical Sexuality Studies, Disability Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in a number of Universities in both the UK and Canada. Currently, I am the convenor of Globalising Education (EDU309), a third year undergraduate module within our BA Education, Culture and Childhood within the School of Education at the University of Sheffield.

Globalising Education (ED309) considers the extent to which education might be viewed as a global context with a shared meaning. Moving outwards from the dominaGlobalising Educationnt concepts, principles and practices which frame ‘our own’ national, or regional responses to education, the module explores other possible ways of understanding difference. By examining ‘other ways of seeing difference’, in unfamiliar contexts, students are able to examine the implications of globalisation for education and explore the opportunities and obstacles for the social justice agendas within a range of cultural settings.


I am currently supervising four PhD students in the School of Education, University of Sheffield. I welcome PhD students across a number of social science disciplines who wish to undertake research in the areas of disability, education, gender, sexuality and childhood and youth.

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